about the good wrap

The Good Wrap joins the growing sustainable, slow fashion movement in Australia. We design and manufacture fun, arsty, fandom-inspired scarves, bringing variety to socially conscious (and geographically isolated!) Australian consumers whilst raising much-needed funds for women and children fleeing violence. 

Like you, we were tired of discovering exciting goods online only to see a shipping cost that exceeded the product price! Yes, we know Australia is far away, but that shouldn't mean that we can't have nice things! So, with this in mind, we have created a range of fun designs that blend into your everyday outfits whilst subtly hinting at your inner geeky leanings. Reveal yourself to other Hogwarts students, or Galactic Rebels! Spark up conversations about Batman vs. Superman (even though we all know Wonder Woman is the best), or just simply look cool in a vibrant, earth-friendly, LUXURIOUS, scarf.

It's fashion. But not as you know it.

 slow fashion. ethical production. bespoke, local designs.


About our charity partner

Rosie's Place is a place for children, young people and their families who have been impacted by violence including sexual assault, domestic and family violence and other traumas. 

Children and young people have a right to live in an environment that is free from violence and abuse and a right to access all services available within their community. Rosie’s Place is committed to working to support children, young people and families in obtaining safety, and providing resources to increase their safety. Read more about the work they do here.


Our team of actual real people

Aneeta Menon - Founder, designer, dreamer and doer

The Good Wrap was borne from my love of all things geeky and my endless brainstorming about how to raise more money for Rosie's Place. Combining my growing passion for visual design with my commitment to social justice was a no brainer, and since we started, I haven't looked back.

When not running this budding sustainable scarf empire, I am running my learning and development empire - wordology - a boutique learning design firm which works with some of the biggest names in the country to develop cutting-edge workplace learning solutions. Unsurprisingly, in my spare time I watch a lot of television, read a bunch of books and tune into some movies.

Fandom affiliations: My core fandoms are Buffy and the Whedonverse and Harry Potter but Marvel, DC, Star Wars and Disney/Pixar all make the list. 

Favourite Good Wrap scarf: My favourite scarf is Curious, but Chosen One and Loyalty also have a special place in my heart (and around my neck).

Sarita Menon - Administration guru, stock expert and dream enabler

I love being part of The Good Wrap as we are able to have lots of fun whilst also helping Rosie's Place.

Fandom affiliations: I have read the first few chapters of Harry Potter. The Dursleys are very funny.

Favourite Good Wrap scarf: My favourite scarf is Sridevi. I love the colours.

Jalebi - model, mascot and best mate

My job is to look good. I am very good at it.

® The Good Wrap Australia - ABN: 92077497247

We acknowledge the Traditional Owners of the land where we live and work and their continuing connection to land, water, sea and community. We pay respects to Australia's First Peoples, to their unique and diverse cultures, and to Elders past, present and future.